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To get access to all the features of Captcha Spam Protector you have to upgrade to the Premium version. You will enable Rotating Captchas, get Event Log Notifications, activate the Mass Join and Spam Protection as well as the ability to kick and ban accounts either automatically or via the easy to use Kick/Ban Buttons attached to the log messages. You can take a closer look at the features below.

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Premium Features

Take a closer look at some of the features that you get. For a more detailed description and how to set up and use the features, please visit our Help Center.

Rotating Captchas.

The Rotating Captchas system switches between the generation methods randomly. No problem to solve for humans, but even harder for foreign bots. Learn more.

Custom Captcha Verification Discord

Mass Join Detection and Autoban.

Spam bots join servers within seconds and start spamming DMs to your members. The CSP Bot can detect and ban the accounts automatically. Learn more.

Spam Bot Auto Ban Discord

Spam Detection.

If users spam many messages or invite links into your server, the CSP Bot will remove the role for verified members from them. Learn more.

Spam Detection Discord

Kick and Ban Buttons.

On top of the Slash Commands, the CSP Bot also comes with the brand new Discord Buttons feature that are attached to all relevant messages in the event log. Learn more.

Kick Ban Buttons Discord

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79.95 € per year

Save 33%

9.95 € per month