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Feature Overview

Learn about the main features of the CSP Bot and what it can do to protect your server.

Captcha Verification

The custom captcha generator will create unique captchas that are hard to solve without human eyes. The user can request a new captcha if the current one is too hard to solve. To verify your existing members, the CSP Bot offers an easy /massverify Slash Command.

Captcha Verification Discord

Bot and Spam Protection

Discord bots are not able to verify and will not get a verification role. Unverified members are not able to see your channels and also the verified members user list. Direct message and server spam are impossible to do for the unverified bots. If server spam still occurs, the CSP Bot will detect it and unverify the member.

Bot Spam Protection Discord

Event Log

Important events are posted into a log channel that only you have access too. These events include mass joins on your server, failed verification processes, dangerous account recognition and server spam detection.

Bot Account Detection Discord

Mute, Kick
and Ban

Kick or ban one or multiple accounts with easy to use Discord Slash Commands. You can also kick and ban members directly by using the Discord Buttons in the log channel. Simple, quick and intuitive. Depending on your preference, the CSP Bot can mute, kick and ban accounts automatically or just notify you.

Kick Ban Commands Discord

Event Notifications

Set a custom role that will be mentioned on important log events like mass joins, server spams or failed captcha verifications.


The auto function of the CSP Bot handles bot and spam attacks automatically while you can focus on improving your server.

Optimized Design

For a modern and intuitive design the CSP Bot integrates the brand new and easy to use Discord Slash Commands and Buttons.

More Functionality - Maximum Security

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Help Center

Learn how to set up the CSP Bot properly and how to use it in your server.

Captcha Spam Protector Setup

Setup walkthrough.
Simple. Effective. Easy.

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Captcha Spam Protector Commands

The power of Slash Commands.
Know. Understand. Use.

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Captcha Spam Protector Account Detection

Fight off bot raids.
No problem with CSP.

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Captcha Spam Protector FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions.
And our answers.

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